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"The browser is my console." - Loroko.

Games are for everyone. That is a sentiment we all share, but in order to truly make games for everyone, we need to make games accessible to everyone. That is why Black Fly Press™ games are built on WebGL and run on browsers. No download necessary. You are always one click away from playing.

In Transit™

Deliver parcels on the wrong side of town in this retro mobile arcade game designed for both casual and hardcore gamers.

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ARSENAL™ is the the mature comix anthology written and illustrated by Loroko. Each issue features short burts of a larger on-going narrative as well as one-shots. For Mature Readers Only.


Black Fly Press™

Black Fly Press™ was founded in Los Angeles on August 28, 2017 by sole creator and developer Loroko as a place for them to promote their comic books. That has since grown to also include videogames and has all been streamlined to be accessed from any where in the world on most mobile devices. Combining the best of the an old school DIY ethos backed by the distribution power of the internet age.



Loroko is the sole creator and developer behind Black Fly Press™. Former musician and tattoo artist, they decided to combine their love of video games and comics with the Punk DIY ethos of the underground music scene. What you get is a alternative to the oversaturated and homogenous content that floods mainstream media. Loroko lives in Los Angeles.