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Merchandise Store is offically Open 09.21.2020

I had many people asking me about when I would start making T-Shirts available so I decided to open up a Threadless store. I will try to keep it fresh with weekly designs for T-shirts, Phone cases, tote bags and even Skateboards! Check it out under "Merchandise" in our header. We are pretty new to this so even if you can't purchase anything, spreading the word would be highly appreciated! Thanks, hope you dig what we have to offer! -Loroko

New Look, Same great taste! 08.27.2020

Things may look a little different around here, but rest assured, we are still cranking out and delivering the future of indie comics here at Black Fly Press™. We traded in our big flashy website for a stripped down hand-coded DIY AF HTML version due to costs in a pandemic economy. We are now working with Gumroad to deliver all of our ARSENAL™ comics as well as other awesome titles. August also marked the launch of our new VLOG on youtube which will have tutorials, reviews, progress updates and all around indie comic book goodness. -Loroko

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Black Fly Press

"Black Fly Press™ is like the record label. Arsenal™ is the band. Each issue is an EP and each short story is a song... And every song is punk. Short, fast, rough and raw."


Black Fly Press™ is proudly creator-owned and opperated out of the San Fernando Valley. All comics are made with ink and paper, the old fashioned way. Our goal is to create original content and distribute it directly to our customers around the world.


ARSENAL™ is a mature comics anthology written and illustrated by Loroko. The four stories featured in the first issue were created over a decade ago, although the art did not begin production until 2017.

None of the protagonists in the book are heroes, or even anti-heroes. Their occupations include a Bounty Hunter/Mercenary, a Car Thief, a Survivor and a Dirty Cop turned vigilante. Each of them finding themselves in situations where good and evil is irrelevant and survival is everything.

Loroko, Writer/Artist

Loroko is the pen name of Juan Carrillo who writes and illustrates ARSENAL™ and runs Black Fly Press™. Better known for having served the public as a tattoo artist since 2010, they also created and distributed the underground comic zine “24 Hour Land™”.

The DIY mentality still resonates in their production and distribution of ARSENAL™, creating the entire book with analog techniques as well as self-publishing. Loroko lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife and a bunch of fuckin' cats.

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