ARSENAL™ is a mature comics anthology written and illustrated by Loroko. The four stories featured in the first issue were created over a decade ago, although the art did not begin production until 2017.
None of the protagonists in the book are heroes, or even anti-heroes. Their occupations include a Bounty Hunter/ Mercenary, a Car Thief, a Survivor and a Dirty Cop turned vigilante. Each of them finding themselves in situations where good and evil is irrelevant and survival is everything.
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Explore the Origin of the Kingdom™ in this one-shot written and illustrated by Loroko. Follow an unnamed and eternal protagonist who serves as a custodian on a remote and sterile planet has he struggles to seek and destroy all forms of life.
Origin of the Kingdom™ was made on October 5th, 2013 during 10th annual 24 Hour Comics Day hosted by Galaxy of Comics in Van Nuys, California. It is now available as a DRM-FREE pfd, just click on the cover!
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Inkwork™ is not a comic book, it is a collection of pin up art created on the month of October in 2017 as part of Inktober™. Illustrated with ink on bristol board by Loroko and now available as a DRM-FREE pdf.
This post-apocalyptic set art book the tone for what would become Black Fly Press™'s flagship title Dead Lily™, who makes an appearance on the final drawing.
Warning! This book contains nudity and mature themes.
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