Developer: Black Fly Press™

Publisher: Black Fly Press™

Location: Los Angeles,CA

Founded: August 28, 2017

Release Date: July 29, 2022

Engine: Gdevelop

Platforms: HTML5

Price: Free/Pay what you want

Rated: 13+


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A neo retro Paperboy-style procedurally generated endless arcade game with a bangin' soundtrack. The Player controls an unnamed courier who delivers parcels on the wrong side of town. As they progress the game speeds up, one wrong delivery or run out of parcels and its game over!


In Transit™ was created out of the love for retro games and the need to update them for the modern gamer. Loroko, the game solo developer behind In Transit™, was inspired to re-create the game Paperboy as an exercise, but upon playing the original realized that their it could use an update. This is Black Fly Press™' first official mobile game release and was created on Gdevelop. This engine allows the game to run on the browser expanding the games reach regardless of device without needing to download.


  • Awesome retro style in the spirit of 1980’s 8-bit handheld game consoles.
  • Procedurally generated levels offer maximum replayability.
  • Casually cruise with Free Play mode.
  • Bangin' Original Soundtrack!
  • Multiple color palette/effect combinations.
  • Plays on your browser, so no download necessary.



Black Fly Press™

Black Fly Press™ was founded in Los Angeles on August 28, 2017 by sole creator and developer Loroko as a place for them to promote their comic books. That has since grown to also include video games and has all been streamlined to be accessed from anywhere in the world on most mobile devices. Black Fly Press™ is at its core a DIY operation, akin to garage band, for video games and comic books. In a homogenous and over saturated corporate landscape, Black Fly Press™ will always stand for indie.


Former musician and comic book creator , Loroko decided to adopt a new medium close to their heart: video games. Armed with the engine Gdevelop, they aim to create quality browser games that can run on any device for maximum accessability. Loroko lives and creates in Los Angeles.


"The browser is the console."

"My goal is to make mobile games that feel like whole games."

"There is enough pastel colored bubble wrapped stuff, we need some punk rock games!"



Design, Programming, Art & Sound by Loroko