How long will you survive?


I started working on Surviving in Vain™ a few weeks before Halloween with the intention of dropping it then. I decided to delay the release to improve the game's presentation. Since that time I have learned a little html as well as css and was able to give the game a facelift. So instead of playing the game with black Times New Roman on a white back drop and ugly blue underlined links (which really fuckin' kneecapped the tone of the story), the game now has a nice dark presentation.
Originally I was hoping to write about three characters with overlapping scenes and all kinds of sophisticated inventory mechanics... then I realized how fucking hard that would be for a first project so I decided to focus on depth rather than width. What resulted is, in my opinion, a very horrible experience for the reader... which is what I was going for. Enjoy! -Loroko
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click on the cover playing
Warning! This game contains vivid descriptions of ultra violence and references to self harm. If you find these topics offensive, it is recommended you refrain from playing.

Merchandise Now Available


I had many people asking me about when I would start making T-Shirts available so I decided to open up a Threadless store. I will try to keep it fresh with weekly designs for T-shirts, Phone cases, tote bags and even Skateboards! Check it out under "Merchandise" in our header. We are pretty new to this so even if you can't purchase anything, spreading the word would be highly appreciated! Thanks, hope you dig what we have to offer! -Loroko